Getting started with Go

Getting started with Go, or any programming language, can be a daunting endeavor. I believe in learning by doing and the value of a practical experience. To that end I created a Workshop for Go at my place of work and wrote a three part blog article series in parallel that approaches that topic from a more practical perspective.

I think this series is especially valuable for developers who already have some experience in other languages, but I also got positive feedback from first-time developers, so feel free to use as you see fit.

1. Get ready

Gopher with tools

Part 1: Development Environment »

Before you can start hacking away on your keyboard, you need something to hack away in. This first article helps you choosing your tools and getting the Go programming environment ready.

2. Understand foundations

Gopher with a Book

Part 2: Language Basics »

With a development environment ready to go, your fingers are aching to write, take a breath and review some basics, a foundation that will ease the learning ahead.

3. Write an application

Gopher with a Globe

Part 3: Application Development »

Now that is all in place and with some basic understanding is starting to settle, you are ready to create your first full application, from planing to testing: