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COSMIC (COmmon Software Measurement International Consortium) is a Function Point Analysis methodology that calculates effort based on the implementation of the software.

This methodology is comparatively simple, although it requires already a highly granulated understanding of the software.

The general formula to calculate the amount of function points is with COSMIC is:

#FPs = #inputs + #outputs + #control-flow-statements


Consider a customer registration process, that asks for the name, email and a password and will subsequently send a confirmation email.

The control statements can be expressed in a Decision Tree:

|--> Check if customer email address is already registered
|   |
|   |--> Yes: Display error message
|   |
|   |--> No: Create new customer account

The above tree has 3 nodes, which results in a count of 3.

The total FP count for the customer registration is thereby (amount inputs) + (amount outputs) + (amount control flow statements) = 3 + 1 + 3 = 7