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DevOps Transformation

The DevOps Transformation is the process of “evolving” an existing organization into a DevOps Organization.

Depending on the organization size and structure different pathways can be found. In general, the approach begins gradual, as in: start with a subset (of the departments / services / products / ..), make that a success, then iterate. Divide and Conquer. The advice is not to attempt to transform the whole organization at once.

At first, a new model of working, that fits for the organization and adheres to the Principles of DevOps must be found.

If a Greenfield Project, without established traditions and behaviors, is available, then this is a good starting point. However, also a Brownfield Project can be used as a starting point, especially if the people involved already agree that the current state / way of working does not yield the intended results.

Either way, it is advised to start with a group of sympathetic people. Happy early adopters. Especially in older organizations, established and opinion-strong groups are established that fight hard to keep the status quo - even if they suffer from it.

The whole process is not unlike the Strangler Pattern used to transform software applications, applied to organizations.